Carbon Management as a Service

Simplify the processes of data collection for carbon accounting, monitoring, and offsetting in real-time and in a verifiable way

How it works

Industry 4.0

Seamlessly connect the utilities, IoT or systems to Global Carbon ESG network 

Smart Contracts

Standardize data collection and calculation of your carbon emissions to get real-time insights

Carbon Credits

A one-stop shop solution to help you offset unavoidable emissions with verified carbon credits

Collect data 9X faster.

Let Global Carbon ESG  be your trust ledger software for data collection, carbon accounting, and one-stop shop to seamlessly compensate your carbon emissions with certified carbon offsets.


 Transparent data stored in the blockchain.

Data tracking and reporting

Data collection automation from sensors/data rooms and utilities eliminates human error, lowers operational costs and increases margins

Strengthen Compliance

Real-time interconnected data to boost trust among clients, users, and stakeholders having 24/7 data availability vs. spot checks

Save time and Increase efficiency

Enable solutions to help automate manual and time-consuming tasks, increase productivity, and make faster data-driven decisions


Race against a running clock to limit 1.5°

Our mission

Global Carbon ESG is not just a software company, it’s a movement; inspired by a transparent and sustainable future interconnected for a common goal:

Fight climate change



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