Carbon Management as a Service

Automate the process of data collection for real-time energy consumption visualization, emissions monitoring, and carbon accounting.

Real Estate accounts for 40% of global carbon emissions

Regulators are demanding disclosures on carbon emissions

Complex to understand environmental regulations, calculations, frameworks…

Most businesses lack the resources necessary to tackle climate change in a way that protects both the environment and their business.


climate laws and policies

Map and manage the built environment's energy consumption and emissions with

Track the operational data of your location(s) and compare the efficiency of portfolio assets.

Identify high energy consumption hours, their emissions equivalents, and get valuable insights to optimize your location(s) operations.

Avoid estimations by collecting meter-level data without human intervention.

Depending on property managers or tenants to collect data to be able to track and report energy consumption can be a titanic task to do that can take several months or even years' worth of work.

Global Carbon ESG has got you covered all along the way

How it works

1.  Onboard

Personalize email body, and automate onboarding campaign.


Engage with your property managers/residents in a couple of clicks.

2.   Connect

Connect the utility account in less than a minute via a magic link.

3.   Visualize

Centralize all your portfolios’ information in a dynamic dashboard to help you baseline, compare, analyze, report, and share your sustainability data.

Up to 3,000 users/month

Don’t depend on your tenants or property managers to collect and send you information again.


Collect data 9X faster.

Data tracking and reporting

Data collection automation optimizes operations, energy consumption, compliance, and helps monitor sites remotely.

Strengthen Compliance

Real-time interconnected data boosts trust among clients, users, and stakeholders.

Comply with regulations faster, easier, and cheaper.

Save time and Increase efficiency

Enable solutions to automate and simplify time-consuming tasks and make faster data-driven decisions.

Race against a running clock to limit 1.5°

"We are in a Climate Emergency, but there is still time to avert disaster if we take bold, immediate action at the speed and scale necessary. The next ~7 years is humanity’s best window to enact bold, transformational changes in our global economy to avoid raising the global temperature above 1.5ºC, a point of no return that science tells us is likely to make the worst climate impacts inevitable." - Climate Clock"


Our mission

Global Carbon ESG is not just a software company, it’s a movement; inspired by a transparent and sustainable future interconnected for a common goal:

Fight climate change


Be part of the solution

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